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                                          The Primitive Methodist Denomination

   The Primitive Methodist denomination started in 1807 with a day-long prayer meeting led by Hugh Bournes and William Clowes.     It was held on Mow Cop, a rugged mountain in England, where thousands were in attendance and many experienced the joy of salvation. In 1829, missionaries from England arrived in Brooklyn, NY; the denomination began to spread to other states. In 1840, it decided to disconnect with the English Conference and become an independent body.  Eventually, the official name became The Primitive Methodist Church in the United States of America. For more information go to  


                                        Trinity Community Church in Levittown, PA

   Our Church began in this area in April of 1958, at the intersection of Route 413 and Frosty Hollow Road, in Penndel, PA, opposite the huge Levittown housing project.  At first, services were held in the parsonage by Rev. William Reseigh. 

   As attendance increased, plans were formulated for a new church building and ground was broken at the same location on October 18, 1959.  The cornerstone was laid on April 24, 1960.  The main building was renovated, and an addition was added in 1970. 

   God continued to use the Levittown Church for His work. Sister Churches were started, in Newtown, Lionville and other areas. Members of our Church went into various ministries, such as missionary and pastoral work. We have sent numerous mission teams to Guatemala to work on Churches, hospitals and schools. We continue to support around the world.

   We still trust that our church home will be the guiding light that will bring many to a saving knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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